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Slater White House

“We should put a shipping container on the roof.” A provocative comment made during an early design meeting eventually became fundamental to the way in which we approached the Slater White extension. The message contained in this aphorism suggested an approach where the original structure should be left in its original state as much as possible, while any new additions should be clearly visible as such. While not a radical approach, we believe it is significant because in this case the original structure was a humble ‘guvvie’-type house. Nevertheless, we felt it had a simple integrity that we could not ignore, and we wanted to explore how it could be extended to form a modern family house. In this regard our clients—Ben Slater and Michelle White—were very supportive.

Our intention was to create a house that not only satisfies our clients’ requirements, but also engages and delights them with a design whose subtle inflections between old and new fabric, and between overlapping geometries, encourage a sense of discovery, provide stimulation to the mind, and affirm delight in architecture.

Builder: Preferred Builders, Photographer: Ben Wrigley, Photohub