Brand House

This project is located in Blanfordia 5 Heritage Precinct. Completed in two stages, it involved alterations and additions to a Federal Capital Commission cottage constructed in Grant Crescent, Griffith in 1927. Stage 1 involved alterations and refurbishment of the original cottage including new kitchen and bathroom fitouts, the reconstruction of lost internal detailing, new wiring and painting. The work anticipated Stage 2 which followed two years later and included a modern addition to the rear including a master suite, dining room and a second living room opening onto a timber deck.

The project is a good example of a contemporary addition to a heritage house. The original Canberra Red brick cottage continues to contribute to the heritage streetscape but is contrasted by a simple charcoal box at the rear, which allows the character of the original architecture to remain dominant whilst providing an open, light filled living space. The project won the RAIA ACT Mervyn Willoughby Thomas Award for residential alterations and additions in 2012.

Mervyn Willoughby Thomas Award for Residential Alterations and Additions, ACT AIA Awards, 2012