Black Pod House

The ‘Black Pod House’ is an architectural response to contemporary lifestyle requirements and a love of landscape, coalescing with an original 1940s Canberra red brick home.

The design embraces new architectural form and materials.  The contrast between old and new amplifies the character of the existing house and respects the 1930s detailing.  Two pods of new built form are grafted to the existing, sensitively connecting, while asserting their own unique character.   Rich western red cedar windows and plywood soffits reference the warmth of the existing building.

Subtle linear datum lines, enhanced by the use of horizontal cladding, lead the eye across one form to the other. Playful levels provide articulation while restraining the scale from dominating the original house.

The bastion of residential public life, the front porch, has been revitalised by the project.  This vernacular feature is articulated in rich recycled timbers, highlighting the main entry upon approach.

Completed 2017
Builder: Schouten Constructions
Photography: Anthony Basheer