A study in Radburn planning

That’s a wrap on site for this courtyard gem! Sitting within one of the Radburn town planning areas of Curtin, the home has two key frontages which were carefully considered during the early design stages: the oval and green space, which formed the original ‘front yard’ within the planning scheme, and the rear street. Here is an interesting article on Radburn planning by the ABC, which discusses the planning approach in more depth.

We were very keen to maintain and maximise the visual and physical connections with the green space, which established a tricky planning situation – where is the back yard?! The natural answer came with a courtyard plan form, whereby the 2 key frontages could be reinforced, and also providing a private inner sanctum for our wonderful clients.

The project was beautifully executed by the team at Sutton and Horsley with landscapes by Harris Hobbs Landscapes.