Wendy Christie

Architect and Cultural Heritage Advisor

Wendy Christie is an Architect and with several years of experience gained from working on architectural projects in Australia and abroad (Austria, Canada and Vanuatu).

Her project portfolio includes residential, educational, commercial and community projects. She has exceptional skills with working in different cultural and environmental contexts and managing cross-cultural related issues. She also has extensive experience in the field of Community Development, specialising in consultation and community liaison, from her work on community projects in urban and remote parts of the Northern Territory and Vanuatu.

In addition to her role at Philip Leeson Architects, Wendy continues to work in Vanuatu through her engagements with the University of Adelaide and the University of Sydney. She also has extensive teaching experience gained through lecturing and tutoring students in architectural design at several universities across Australia.

Wendy is passionate about good design and vibrant communities and is particularly interested in projects that focus on architecture that responds to the local culture and climate and the expression of cultural values though architectural design.

Photo | Kelly Chen Photography